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4Minute Jiyoon disappoints on Unpretty Rapstar 2

Pann: Who has heard Jiyoon's rap on Unpretty Rapstar

1. [+290, -8] Jiyoon would've been known as a good rapper and good singer of 4Minute if she didn't choose to go on Unpretty Rapstar... She's proving herself to be a bubble on the show.

2. [+265, -8] Why do the viewers have to suffer the embarrassment...

3. [+238, -11] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ "Naega? Naega?" I thought she was copying Lil Cham. I had to suffer the embarrassment...

4. [+139, -9] Does she even have 'Cube' title that she wants to get rid of?

5. [+126, -8] Jiyoon's rap makes me think that Jimin is talented... I thought she'd be at least average before I listened to her rap ㅋㅋㅋ Out of the beat, messy lyrics, poor pronunciation...

6. [+117, -4] It's very suspicious though. Isn't she too confident when she's really bad at rapping? I don't think Jiyoon is the type of person who'd say "I can beat everyone." I think she was ordered to talk arrogantly. I think the staff is messing around with a mediocre idol.

7. [+98, -3] She wouldn't succeed even if she brings her Cube title. She gave me a big laugh. She said she'll break the idol stereotype but Yeji broke it and Jiyoon put it back. Her voice was unnecessarily big and her bad rapping was full of confidence. Her introduction rap was nothing but an embarrassment. "Naega!!! Naega!!!"

8. [+56, -4] I'd like to buy ears that haven't heard Jiyoon's rap. Please reply. It's urgent.

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