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2PM's unfortunate song 'My House'

Pann: The most unfortunately wasted song of idols this year

(The song was doing well but due to short promotions, it didn't get much responses)

1. [+97, -9] My House was such a good song ㅋㅋ The dance and music video were so cool ㅠㅠ I also really like Junho's Fire. Why don't people know these good songs? ㅠㅠ

2. [+80, -9] The song was really good. I used to sing it everyday

3. [+65, -8] True. I sang 2PM's My House often at karaokes

4. [+37, -51] Honestly, 2PM has been declining since Jay Park's withdrawal

5. [+28, -2] My House was amazing. I became a fan with the song but then they left Korea

6. [+27, -4] 2PM wasn't declining after Jay Park left, they actually did better. Heart Beat was a legend and Hands Up was #1 for 5 weeks. Their competitors were T-ara's Roly Poly, Hyuna's Bubble Pop, Infinity Challenge, and Kim Hyun Joong.

7. [+27, -1] 2PM had a good concept of relaxed and flirty guys. JYP's shitty promotions ruined it all.

8. [+21, -2] Rookie groups nowadays are so skinny and pretty. I like 2PM because they're manly unlike those groups. Like real men.

9. [+18, -1] JYP always sends their artists overseas ㅠㅠ I get that they're earning a lot but please consider domestic fans that are waiting ㅠㅠ

10. [+17, -2] 2PM is physically great. Their masculinity stands out from boy groups.

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