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Will Seventeen get popular?

Pann: The reason why Seventeen won't get popular

(Pann says the company can't be trusted because they messed up so many groups in the past)

1. [+74, -34] Seventeen has to get popular ㅋㅋ This group is completely self-composed. They compose songs, write lyrics, produce, and make choreographies. Their visuals don't lack, either. Especially the hip-hop line is visual kings.

2. [+68, -23] What? They have recognition, a lot of handsome members, and a ton of international fans. They just have to bring a good song and the company needs to promote them well. They almost won #1 on The Show this time.

3. [+61, -31] Half of the members are underage, why are you already talking about their unpopularity ㅋㅋ Their current popularity is good enough. They're funny on variety shows and they have good music. If they keep up with it, they'll reach the peak in a couple of years.

4. [+34, -3] I always feel this when I watch their stages. If they don't get popular, it's 99% the company's fault. They have no reason to flop. They have amazing visuals and performances but the company is not trusted at all because of their poor work. After School was doing well but then the stupid company screwed up everything.

5. [+25, -3] I think no rookie boy group is as popular as Seventeen though? I don't know much about Monsta X but their concept is good.

6. [+22, -1] I never think they won't get popular. Before debut, I was sure that they'll succeed if they keep on working as it is because they're talented and hard-workers. But the thing I'm worried is that the company might send them to Japan. 50% of Pledis is owned by Japan's Sony Music and two directors are Japanese ㅠㅠ Pledis said they won't let the Japanese take over the management but I'm really worried that they'll be sent to Japan and only promote there. International promotions are very good for idols and it's something to congratulate but if they debut in Japan and not other country, my heart will drop ㅠㅠ Because it might be hard to see them in Korea again.

7. [+21, -1] I don't know anything about this group and I don't like or dislike them. I see them on Pann sometimes and it means that they're getting popular. There's a reason why people say getting hate on Pann is getting popular.

8. [+19, -2] I used to like NU'EST. In Pledis, the casting team is the only one that does their job. They're really good at picking the members, even the trainees are really pretty and handsome.

9. [+18, -2] I used to stan NU'EST a bit and the company is seriously stupid. I wish Seventeen would do well.

10. [+18, -1] When I heard that Seventeen had 13 members, I wondered if they added a bunch of members because they were untalented. But I watched their stage and changed my thoughts. They can sing, rap, and all of them have sexy faces ㅋㅋ I saw them on Afreeca TV and they were so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seventeen is really likable.

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