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Three things that girls envy

1) a lot of hair vs a small amount of hair
2) thick lips vs thin lips
3) short vs tall

Pann: Three things that girls envy

1. [+158, -9] Also curly hair vs straight hair. Those with extremely straight hair want to have curly hair because a hair iron doesn't work for their hair. Those with curly hair tend to prefer straight hair because it looks neat.

2. [+153, -24] I have a big amount of hair. I want to have a weak-looking hairstyle...

3. [+147, -8] Being short is my complex

4. [+98, -83] I don't agree about the height... Why would you envy being short?

5. [+94, -5] Pale skin for me... I envy this the most

6. [+76, -31] Why do you envy being short?

7. [+65, -20] I don't envy being short at all

8. [+29, -4] I have thick lips and I really envy thin lips ㅠㅠ My lips look like fish...

9. [+15, -0] People always want to have something they don't have

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