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This year's most popular SM songs in real life?

Pann: This year's most popular SM songs in real life

(Pann says Ice Cream Cake and View)

1. [+265, -83] Am I weird? View wasn't that popular in real life. When SHINee had a comeback with View, everybody was singing Loser ㅋㅋ It was always "loser, loner..." until Bang Bang Bang was released.

2. [+128, -45] On the street, the most played songs are Bang Bang Bang vs View vs Ice Cream Cake vs Who's Your Mama vs Puss. It's a war between these five songs.

3. [+124, -173] View is the most played song on the street. I hear it every time I go out.

4. [+75, -85] I heard View everyday, what nonsense are people saying?

5. [+62, -31] I'm a complete non-fan and I've never heard or seen SHINee and SNSD's songs. It's my first time of seeing the song titles. How are they #1 song in real life? Whenever I walk on a street, all I hear is Bigbang songs.

6. [+60, -27] I've never heard View on a street ㅋㅋ What a bubble

7. [+54, -63] Ice Cream Cake is true. View was honestly so-so.

8. [+50, -21] I really don't agree with View. I had to search up SHINee and listen to the song to know. Is it because there's no SHINee fan in my school? Girls definitely like Red Velvet, they sing along Ice Cream Cake.

9. [+48, -42] How is View not popular? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It was always played on the street. Do you always stay home?

10. [+44, -41] Are you downgrading View because your oppars' songs are not there?

11. [+43, -5] It's Bang Bang Bang, Call Me Baby, Ice Cream Cake, and Comes And Goes

12. [+42, -12] I really liked View but it's not that popular in real life

13. [+25, -3] I hate EXO but EXO's songs are played more

14. [+19, -0] I'm not a fan of anyone but the only popular SM songs this year were EXO and Red Velvet. SHINee got no attention.

15. [+16, -2] I've never heard of View, sorry... It's EXO, Bigbang, and Hyukoh.

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