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Studying: genes or hard-work?

Pann: Does studying depend on genes or hard-work?

1. [+139, -7] None of Seoul University students played games when they were in high school. They were having fun in middle school, saw the reality, and studied hard in high school.

2. [+128, -14] Hard-work honestly has its limits. Even if you study hard for days, you can't catch up with geniuses that study in the last minute only. My dongsaeng is a medical student. He always plays games and reads manga. When he lived at a residence in high school, his friend said he had no idea how my dongsaeng was getting such good grades when all he did was sleeping and reading manga. The friend studied seriously hard but ended up going to a mediocre engineering college.

3. [+110, -3] Adults say "brains for studying", I think you really have be born with it. I've seen students that were total delinquents in middle school but studied hard in high school and got into universities in Seoul.

4. [+73, -1] Hard-work can get you to geniuses that don't study but it's over if the geniuses study.

5. [+42, -0] Hard-work is also a talent. Do you think you can study for 17 hours straight like Go Seung Duk? If it's possible, then everybody should be Kim Yuna, Park Jisung, and Go Seung Duk. It's funny how people say music and phy-ed require a talent but studying is about hard-work ㅋㅋ

6. [+39, -2] I thought it was hard-work but genes play a bigger role. There's a research with stats and it said at the end that they hoped people wouldn't be discouraged by the result. It made me even more sad.

7. [+38, -0] Don't be too extreme. Genes and hard-work both affect studying.

8. [+34, -0] You guys are missing one thing. Studying is about quality, not the amount. Some have smart brains but the top 1% people are mostly studying with quality.

9. [+27, -0] My friend's mom went to Yale University and his dad went to Seoul University. He always asks me to go to a PC bang with him but he's #8 student in the entire school... He doesn't even have any workbook at home and his parents never care about his studies but he's doing really well... I guess he focuses in his class.

10. [+21, -0] I witnessed someone who was all about his genes. My dongsaeng is currently a doctor. When he was young, his IQ was 155 and he was #1 student in the school. Since elementary school, he would study for only 1~2 hours right before the test but he was always #1 student in his school. He was scouted to attend a special high school that required awards from competitions of gifted people but he rejected the offer. In high school, he was always #1 student. During classes and evening classes, all he did was to sleep. At home, he'd play computer games until 2AM. He carried nothing in his backpack. The #2 student said he only slept for 3 hours to study and got his nose bleeding but was mad that he couldn't beat my dongsaeng who was always sleeping. His friends called him a con character. I never saw a typical life of a grade 12 student from him but he got into a medical university. He said he started to study at the university ㅋㅋ When he was in elementary school, he told me that once he read a book, he could never forget the entire content. I still remember it because it shocked me.

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