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Songs that should climb back to the chart

Smiling Goodbye - Soya N Sun
Missing Heart - A'st1
First Snow And First Kiss - Yoseob & Drama
That Man Opposed - Dalmatian
Hope - Led Apple
Russian Roulette - Spica
Goodbye To Romance - Sunny Hill
No Need To Know - JQT
Longer - CHI CHI
Would You Like To Stay For Tea / What Are You Doing Today - Hello Venus
0330 - UKISS
All Day Long - ZE:A
Witch - Boyfriend


Pann: Songs that should honestly climb back to the chart

1. [+307, -41] I think BTOB's Second Confession should climb back. It's really good. I found the song recently and didn't know it was BTOB's song.

2. [+121, -13] First Snow and First Kiss sounds really good if you listen to it as you watch the snow falling, try!

3. [+101, -13] First Snow and First Kiss is such a good song! Listen to it, it's really good.

4. [+46, -2] Playground by Eden Beatz and Lim Hyunsik is the best song in my life. I first listened to it because BTOB featured in it and I ended up listening to it for 8 hours straight. I think it's crazy.

5. [+44, -5] Wow fuck, That Man Opposed is such a good song ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+41, -20] Gone by Jin is a good song

7. [+38, -21] Alive is a b-side track in Sunggyu's second album. I listened to it and it's really good. It didn't flop but I think it should be more popular. I almost cried when I read the lyrics.

8. [+35, -3] Hello by NU'EST was listed as a hidden gem of idols. It's a good song.

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