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Rolling Stone chooses TOP 50 songs of boy groups

The best 50 songs of boy groups chosen by Rolling Stone

42) Chaser - Infinite
36) I Know - Seo Taiji and Kids
31) Mirotic - TVXQ
22) Fantastic Baby - Bigbang
12) Sherlock - SHINee

2) I'll Be There - Jackson 5
1) I Want You Back - Jackson 5


Pann: Top 50 boy groups of the world

1. [+217, -19] SHINee is amazing because they're the one that tries pop music the most from current mainstream singers. There's a reason why people say their quality is great... Sherlock is the first hybrid mixed song in our country. The song was a mix between 2 songs. Everybody is a new genre of electronic and complex, complextro. Other countries try it a lot but SHINee is the only one that tries in our country because we're obsessed with public-friendly songs and the culture is barely changing. Deep house is a very popular genre in Europe but it was nonexistent in our country. I was wondering who'll be the first to bring the genre and then SHINee's View happened ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+184, -10] I still listen to TVXQ's Mirotic and SHINee's Sherlock and I'm not even a fan. The songs still don't sound old-fashioned

3. [+184, -16] SHINee's Sherlock at #12 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm so fucking proud

4. [+113, -14] Infinite's songs are not boring. The beats, sounds, soft electronic sounds, etc. You have to listen to them with headphones... SHINee tries a lot of new things, like new genres. Their songs are really good. They're catchy but they're not weird. They're the only SM idol group that I listen to. I don't know about Bigbang because I personally don't like their style.

5. [+99, -6] I honestly think Infinite, SHINee, and Bigbang are the only idol groups with good quality ㅋㅋ

6. [+97, -2] SM, YG, and Woollim songs are good quality

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