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Mean ways of distinguishing GFriend members

The kid who was on Running Man
The kid with fake eye smile

The kid who looks like a pig
The ugly kid

The kid who got a nose job
The Jessica lookalike

The kid with swollen eyes
The kid with obvious double eyelid surgery

The good singer

The remaining kid
The untalented kid


Pann: How to distinguish the girl group 'GFriend'

1. [+267, -88] Woah, how did all of them become celebrities except Yuju?

2. [+213, -77] Why are you being like this to GFriend? Stop it

3. [+167, -37] What an anti

4. [+58, -14] I think it's how antis see them? Don't pay attention if you're gonna call them ugly... Rookie groups need attention but not in this way.

5. [+56, -6] Please stop, you're so mean. Just criticize their singing instead... How can you say "kid who looks like a pig"?

6. [+47, -15] I honestly pity them. If SM produced this group and not Red Velvet, they would've been even more talented. Their dance videos are so pretty. I think the company has senses because they're former SM workers ㅋㅋ Red Velvet just looks like a mix between EXO and f(x) and I don't think Lee Soo Man is producing them.

7. [+46, -1] It's hard to find a girl group that has such synchronized choreographies like GFriend. I hope GFriend would do well. They got popular by their stage videos like EXID but it's sad that they're getting hate.

8. [+44, -19] This is honestly true... I'm a non-fan and this is my exact thoughts.

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