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The best Korean beauty from 100 years ago

The most famous gisaeng during Japanese colonialism, Jang Yeon Hong.

A lot of Japanese collaborators offered her money but she insisted to keep her virginity. When she turned 21, she went to Shanghai to study and she disappeared since then.


Pann: The best beauty of Chosun from 100 years ago

1. [+76, -10] Wow... Her face wouldn't be considered beautiful by modern standards but her aura is no joke. She looks very dim? She has innocence and sexiness in her face.

2. [+69, -8] Photos can't capture the exact features of the face. There was no photoshop or makeup. She must've looked slimmer and prettier in real life. I think the photos couldn't capture her beauty properly.

3. [+66, -18] I don't know why but she has strange sexiness

4. [+27, -0] These ladies are pretty, too. Interestingly, a lot of gisaengs look like female celebrities.

5. [+27, -4] I think her face was considered very beautiful by the old standards. No cheekbones, slim, clean and pale face, straight eyebrows, nice hair, thin lips, and pretty.

6. [+10, -0] She's pretty in Asian way. Round face, squint eyes, high and round nose.

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