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Talented visuals

Pann: Is there a group that has a talented visual?

1. [+244, -19] Mamamoo Solar

2. [+206, -43] Sungjae ㅋㅋ Visual, talented, and popular

3. [+135, -83] Isn't Suzy talented? I'm not a fan but I heard that she is

4. [+75, -11] Mamamoo Solar, BTOB Sungjae, Bangtan Jungkook, f(x) Krystal, TVXQ Changmin, JYJ Yoochun&Jaejoong, SNSD Taeyeon

5. [+70, -41] Bangtan Jungkook. He's a maknae but he's a main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub rapper. He's the official high schooler of BTS but he's sexy. He's good at everything that requires body work. He can also draw. He has a good body, his nickname is muscular pig. He's a gold maknae because he can do everything.

6. [+63, -8] Sungjae & Minhyuk, especially Minhyuk

7. [+61, -11] BTOB!!!

8. [+45, -9] Taeyeon

9. [+43, -19] Solar, L, Jinyoung

10. [+40, -9] BTOB!!! Have you heard of 7 vocalists and 7 rappers?

11. [+39, -4] BAP Daehyun and EXO DO

12. [+37, -37] L

13. [+35, -0] Solar, Sungjae, DO, Choa, Kyungri, Taeyeon, Hyunyoung, Onew, Song Jieun

14. [+35, -26] Armys, Jungkook is a main vocalist because he's in BTS. If he was in another group, he'd be a sub vocalist or less.

15. [+22, -6] Suzy fans, it's wrong to put Suzy here. I like Suzy and I listen to her OSTs but she's considered to be decent because so many idol visuals can't sing. She's not at the level of Solar, Sungjae, Kang Minkyung, and Taeyeon.

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