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Shawol's African promotions

Pann: SHINee fan in Africa


1. [+107, -2] There were daepo Shawols beside journalists and one of the journalists said to a Shawol, "wow your camera is better than mine."

2. [+97, -9] If you go to a camera shop and ask for the best one, the owner will ask you, "are you a Shawol?" Shawol daepo goddesses are a wall when it comes to photos.

3. [+86, -0] Woah, the photo quality

4. [+70, -0] Picture of a moon take by a SHINee fansite admin... jjang

5. [+64, -0] I remember Minho saying that Shawols' daepos were like astronomers'

6. [+57, -0]

7. [+49, -0] The origin of daepo goddesses are Shawols, right?

8. [+47, -0] Shawols' daepos were daebak when it was rare...

9. [+41, -0] I heard that Shawols' cameras are used for observing the moon...?

10. [+38, -0] A total eclipse of the moon taken by a Shawol!

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