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Seventeen Wonwoo & Vernon

Pann: Seventeen Wonwoo

1. [+42, -0] He looks like Joo Jihoon, Song Jaerim, Kim Yuna, and Seulgi

2. [+17, -0] He really looks like Joo Jihoon's dongsaeng in this picture ㅋㅋ

3. [+8, -1] Look at Vernon in the gif...

4. [+7, -0] He looks like Joo Jihoon, he's handsome ㅋㅋ He's fox-faced but looks innocent

5. [+7, -0] He has innocent looks

6. [+6, -0] Doesn't he look like Yunho? He looks different in every picture but I see Yunho


Pann: 98'er oppa Vernon

1. [+64, -3] He's way too handsome. I wonder how he looks in real life

2. [+52, -3] Still can't control my beauty

3. [47, -0] Whenever I see him, I find him so handsome. It'll be so amazing if he plays a mixed character in a drama. But he has to be good at acting to be acknowledged.

4. [+17, -0] Ah... What a good life...

5. [+13, -0] His face is too good to be an idol. He looks just like Dicaprio's peak days... He could advance to Hollywood. But the age gap between me and him... It's OK, a handsome guy is always an oppa for me.

6. [+8, -0] He's definitely considered handsome overseas also. Before he came to Korea, he won a model contest in New York when he was young.

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