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Recent blind items

- Actor A is about to break his waist because he has to feed his family. A is not a lead role material but he has quite of a big popularity. Because of that, his family demands a lot of money from him. A should refuse to to but he keeps giving money to them endlessly. An insider says, "he even gets loans with high interests to support his family. He's still not settled as an actor yet, it's worrisome."

- Popular actor B has kind looks. But unlike his looks, he's a very jealous person. He also talks behind people's backs and make other actors and staff dislike each other. When another actor's company buys dinner to the staff and other actors, he gets mad at his company and says, "I'm the lead, why in the world are you guys not doing anything?" He also compares the brand cars and clothes of other actors and complains to his company. He also makes the relationship between the PD and other actors go bad.

- Recently, a female singer C released a solo album after a while. She offered a female singer D to appear in her music video because they used to be under the same company and were close. However, D rejected the offer right away. It's not because D doesn't like C, it's because D doesn't like C's company which she was also under. Wrongful contract is stronger than friendship.

- Road managers are one of the biggest concerns of entertainment companies nowadays. A company CEO says, "it's not easy to hire a manager. They usually quit after 2~3 months. When I contact some managers that quit, they first ask me about the pay. It's true that their job is hard with low pay but it's not easy to find one." Another CEO says, "in the past, we scolded them when they were late or when they did something wrong. But now, we can't scold them anymore because they might quit. Recently, there are a lot of managers that cut off contacts without a word."


Instiz: Recently blind items

- The last blind item about cutting off contacts reminds me of someone ^^ Seonho, please work properly ^^
-- Seonho cut off contacts?
--- Yes, Sunggyu talked about it on Weekly Idol

- The third blind item seems like Stephanie... She had a solo comeback on Show Champion yesterday
-- I don't think Stephanie is under SM anymore, though?
--- No, it's contract on consigned. She's still under SM technically.
--- If you search on Naver, it says she's under SM

- I feel bad for actor A... He's still not settled but even gets loans to support his family...

- If it's hard to find a manager, then they should pay their managers a lot. People refuse to do the job because it's hard with low pay.

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