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Idol groups that disbanded this year

January 7 - Jewelry

14 years since debut. Their contracts expired and only Yewon stayed in the company.

January 15 - GLAM

3 years since debut. Dahee & Lee Byung Hun scandal, the members asked for contract termination.

February 24 - Bob Girls

8 months since debut. Under Crayon Pop's company. Jina got encephalitis.

March 10 - Five Dolls

4 years since debut. Some members' contracts expired, other members will debut in a new girl group. Hyewon signed under KEYEAST and is preparing to debut as an actress.

March 31 - Smash

7 years since debut. The members enlisted or left the group for personal reasons. Produced by Tony Ahn.

August 17 - SHU-I

6 years since debut. Ulzzang Park Hyung Joon is a member


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- Hul, I really like Five Dolls' songs ㅠㅠ

- There are more disbanded groups than I thought...

- I don't know a lot of groups

- Can't believe SHU-I's been around for 6 years

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