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Why do men go crazy over AOA's Miniskirt?

Pann: For men, this is more erotic than we think

1. [+102, -0] Women have a fantasy of men's suit and uniforms and men also have the same fantasy.

2. [+98, -1] It's the same as this. A guy is wearing normal clothes but we can see the arm muscles and veins and we go crazy. It's the same for men.

3. [+93, -0] There's more erotic stuff than this. I'm also curious why men go crazy over Miniskirt. They're not interested in more erotic stuff and yet they go crazy at Miniskirt ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+70, -0] It doesn't look that erotic but the members expose ambiguously. I think it's what drives men crazy ㅋㅋ

5. [+69, -0] This was the best.

6. [+52, -0] It doesn't look erotic anymore because there's too much erotic stuff these days but it was very erotic at that time. When they sing "wake up before other wolves catch me", they bend forward and shake their butts. Doesn't it look really erotic?

7. [+32, -0] I think most guys have this fetish? They're in suits but we can see their leg line through the skirt cut and they're wearing see-through stockings. They shake their butts and bend. How is this not erotic ㅋㅋ Ambiguous exposure makes people more horny.

8. [+30, -0] They're wearing tight clothes and singing with seductive eyes!!

9. [+30, -0] Guys prefer ambiguous exposure over stripping

10. [+29, -71] I'm a guy and my hands are in my underwear right now because of you

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