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G-Dragon and Kiko's breakup

Pann: GD and Kiko broke up

1. [+142, -6] Kiko agreed with the idea of Korean comfort women, said Dokdo is a Japanese island, worshiped the Japanese soldiers that started the war, and agreed on colonizing Korea again. She's a full right-winger. As a fan, I'm happy that they broke up.

2. [+119, -25] GD's power...

(A girl breaking up with her boyfriend because GD broke up)

3. [+52, -2] Kiko and GD dated for 6 years, it's a pity. They must've dated that long because they really liked each other. They must've fought a lot and got hurt like any other couple.

4. [+44, -1] Kiko isn't really a right-winger but she's a huge airhead. She doesn't know what's right and acts reckless on SNS. Jiyong has no eyes for women, he mostly dates weird women... I don't care if he dates but he should date women that are objectively fine, not those that he thinks are fine... He should date those at his level, I don't want anything else. Kiko was so dumb.

5. [+43, -1] Can we just comfort Jiyong? Why are you guys mentioning IU, Kiko, trash, and fans... Remember the point.

6. [+34, -1] 1 is better than 2, of course

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