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First generation idol group Click-B to have a comeback

Click-B in the 90's:


Pann: Click-B is coming back?

1. [+30, -0] They're seriously handsome. Their outfits are old-fashioned but their faces aren't.

2. [+14, -0] Any other group can't beat Click-B's average visual. Yoo Hoseok was such a visual shock. The three visuals of DSP - Go Jiyong, Yoo Hoseok, and Kim Hyunjoong. Sobs.

3. [+11, -0] I still have all of the listed photos ㅋㅋ Brings memories ㅠㅠ

4. [+8, -0] Woo Yeonseok was so handsome back then. But now... Who was a fan of Woo Yeonseok in the past?

5. [+6, -0] I hope the best for all Click-B members

6. [+6, -0] Click-B jjang! NIZI jjang! I love Jonghyuk oppa
(tn: NIZI is Click-B's fandom name)

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