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2015 MAMA predictions

Girls' Generation






Super Junior

Wonder Girls


Pann: The reason why 2015 MAMA is scary

1. [+194, -33] EXO for this year's album. Bigbang for this year's artist, etc.

2. [+180, -127] Bigbang is honestly a wall. They always win awards and are also very popular internationally.

3. [+178, -39] I think Bigbang and EXO will take the awards. Bigbang for the song and EXO for the album.

4. [+69, -4] Isn't it EXO for the album? I heard that they achieved a million seller again.

5. [+64, -22] Honestly, Infinite can't be included here

6. [+57, -2] EXO is winning the awards because they're selling a lot. Do you think they're giving the awards to EXO just because they're bored?

7. [+55, -2] Album - EXO. Song - Bigbang.

8. [+48, -0] I think it's gonna be Bigbang for the song and EXO for the album just like the last year?

9. [+45, -51] I like Infinite and B2ST

10. [+43, -11] Bigbang will win the daesang

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