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[Idol Athletic Championship] Injured idols & team names

VIXX Leo - ankle injury
Infinite Woohyun - shoulder injury
Infinite Sungyeol - neck injury
Sistar Bora - ankle injury
Apink Hayoung - arm injury
Apink Namjoo - ankle injury
Apink Bomi - ankle injury
Teen Top Changjo, Niel - injury
GOT7 Jackson - ankle injury
SHINee Minho - injury
AOA Seolhyun - knee injury
Mamamoo Moonbyul - injury


Pann: IAC caused a mess

1. [+448, -5] What's funny is that people always tell them to cancel IAC and yet they go the filming ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do you think they'll cancel it?

2. [+284, -3] Before telling them to cancel IAC, you shouldn't go to the filming at all. They'll cancel it if nobody goes there. Act first.

3. [+147, -4] Teen Top L.Joe also injured his fingers while playing basketball. But an article said, "there was no injured person during basketball games"... pisses me off

4. [+51, -0] The only time when I think Yang Hyun Suk is wise is during IAC

5. [+42, -1] I feel so bad for Moonbyul... I hope Mamamoo doesn't get more injuries

6.  [+40, -1] What fucking pisses me off is that there's gonna be 'SHINee picnic' tomorrow where Shawols and SHINee have a fanmeet on a cruise but Minho's gonna be absent because of IAC ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He can't run at IAC because of his injured ankle so they're making him a director ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Avengers - Dal Shabet, Minx, GFriend, Kara, Rainbow, EXID, T-ara
World - Nichkhun (2PM), Vernon (Seventeen), Jackson, Mark
Fool - Seventeen & rookie groups
Return of the King - Cube line (4Minute, CLC, B2ST, BTOB, Apink, etc)
Acting-dols - ?
Who's Your Boss - GOT7, Wonder Girls, Miss A, Changmin, Baek Ayeon, Bangtan, Homme, Eddy Kim, Bestie
All Here - Woollim line (Infinite, Lovelyz) SM line (Red Velvet, EXO, 2 Rookies), AOA
It's Youth Because We Run - B1A4, Oh My Girl, ZE:A
Real Men - VIXX, Block B, Andy, Teen Top, 100%


Pann: IAC teams

1. [+85, -0] Why are SM Rookies there?

2. [+80, -4] Why the fuck is CLC in Return of the King? How about Return of the Trashy Personalities instead

3. [+62, -5] I'm sure Return of the King will win ㅋㅋ

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