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Song Mino mess drags Oh Hyunmin, Seo Yuri, and Gynecologist Association

Hyunmin: "Hah Song Mino is really jjang ㅎㅎㅎㅎ"

Yeonseung: "What about Black Nut?"

Hyunmin: "I've always liked Black Nut even before he released his album haha"

(He deactivated his Twitter account after this)


Instiz: Shocking tweets of The Genius Hyunmin

- He has the right to like them though

- He tweeted it before Song Mino's gynecologist controversy. Although I don't understand why he likes Black Nut

- A lot of people liked Black Nut before Song Mino's gynecologist lyrics

- People terrored Hyunmin's Twitter because of this and also because (SPOILERS) he gave the token of life to Jang Dong Min. They called him a misogynist and stuff. Liking Jang Dong Min and Black Nut makes someone a misogynist? I'm a woman but I like both, does it also make me a misogynist? I don't get this logic.

- Hyunmin, this is a very sensitive issue lately

- It's not good how a famous figure like him is openly supporting such rappers

- I thought he stopped tweeting until The Genius ends, is it actually because of this? ㅠㅠ

Seo Yuri indirectly targeted Song Mino on Twitter and someone tweeted her:

@yise390: "You sure you didn't target someone when you clearly posted a picture? ^^ You're not sorry to your parents for your plastic surgery? You're so hypocritical and obvious~ Stop trying to get involved. Know your status. Stop using a famous figure to change your nugu plastic monster life. It's gross. Don't talk if you don't even know what you're talking about. You look ignorant and stupid."

Seo Yuri: "I'm sorry for being a nugu. You said some extreme hateful comments. I'll give you one day. Think slowly and apologize. I'll let this go if you apologize."


Instiz: Seo Yuri says to hater, "sorry for being a nugu. I'll give you one day for apology."

- Just how nugu is her life to call someone a nugu?

- Seo Yuri is much more famous than the hater ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- I hope she takes strong actions. I wonder if the hater will be able to say those in her face

- The fans only bring more hate towards their artist

- A lot of people know Seo Yuri but not Song Mino. Just because you don't know, it doesn't mean that everybody doesn't.

KCSC will review his lyrics

Seo Yuri's long facebook post asking Korean fans and international fans of Winner to stop sending her hateful comments

Gynecologist Association doesn't accept Song Mino's SNS apology & demands a more sincere apology


Instiz: Three things Song Mino is facing

- Are we finally going to see an official statement from YG

- What did Seo Yuri do do deserve this?

- The association made a statement but he apologized on Facebook, of course they won't accept it. The company needs to release an official statement

UPDATE: Mnet, YG, and Song Mino sent apologies to the association and they accepted it (source)

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