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Similarities of Kara, T-ara, and Girl's Day?

1) Same styling team

2) Same photographers

3) Same composers

Is this all?


4) Personality controversies

Water bottle, rice cake, dumplings

Hul!! Goosebumps!!

Subunit please ^^


Pann: Similarities of Kara, T-ara, and Girl's Day

1. [+374, -6] Minah is worse than Sojin, watch the video on Youtube. She's acting as if she's insane for chicken. They're eating pig feet wraps and Choikoon says they're gonna skip chicken because pizza is arriving, and Minah glares at him. Choikoon even says, "ugh, you're gonna throw the bones at me". They're not even reacting to him when they're eating the wraps, especially Minah. They keep saying it's boring and go, "let's just eat" ㅋㅋ Choikoon even had to tell them, "I'm older". As I was watching the video, I realized how serious their state was. Hyeri doesn't listen and just shouts. People say Yura was the only good one but she wasn't good either. She was at least better but she was also unpleasant and said stuff like, "it stinks." Sojin was acting as if he needed to treat them well. She was judging him and was looking at him with rude expressions. The leader should think more and behave well. Choikoon kept promoting their album for them but they talked to themselves. They were in front of cameras but still behaved like that to Choikoon. I felt for their staff, I could see how they'd behave to them. They're seriously immature... What is this? Choikoon is in an awkward position and what did your fans do to deserve this? Fucking rude bitches.

2. [+251, -8] Second version of Rice Cake Eunjung

3. [+244, -11] One more... The three groups all had bullying rumors. T-ara is well-known. Kara Gyuri. The Girl's Day member who withdrew, is it Jihae? There were a lot of rumors of her leaving Girl's Day because she was bullied. These days, it's hard to find a girl group without bullying rumors but these three groups were more controversial than any other.


Pann: Girl's Day is gonna be on Choikoon TV again

1. [+64, -1] Go ahead so that we can see how pathetic you guys will look

2. [+60, -2] They'll clarify and work hard unlike before ㅋㅋ

3. [+59, -0] Even if they apologize, the damage is already done

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