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The songs Gary wrote while dating a girlfriend

The song he wrote after breaking up with his girlfriend(A) - I'm Not Laughing

The song he wrote after making up and again breaking up with A - Ballerino 
(A was a ballet major)

He and A made up again and he was confused if this was right. He wrote - The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Guy Who Can't Leave

The song he wrote after completely breaking up with A - You're The Answer To a Guy Like Me

(Gary wrote the lyrics and Gil composed the songs)


Instiz: The songs that were made while Gary was dating one girlfriend

- Woah... It's random but I'm scared because I got reminded of the music video of Ballerino ㅠㅠ

- I heard that he dated the girlfriend for 7 years

- All these legendary songs, thanks to the woman

- She's my dongsaeng's teacher's daughter ㅋㅋ She's pretty and she has a son

- Wow, musicians definitely benefit a lot from relationships

- He must've loved her a lot

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