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New blind items

1) A and B are in a relationship and the insiders are looking them with an interest. A has manly looks but he's terrible in bed. He's dominant in the afternoon but shy in the night. On the other hand, B has innocent looks but she's actually a 'night queen'. A had dated a pretty star before but broke up because of sex problems. People around them are waiting to see how long A and B will last. An insider says, "I'm worried how they'll enjoy their lives if they get married."

2) People are very worried about star C because he's too busy "worrying" about others. C's recent movies and dramas are not doing well. He pretends to worry about the staff but he's actually dissing the script and the director slyly. He's telling them that his acting is not the problem and that the script and production are the problem. But he puts it in these words, "I'm very worried about the other actors because the script is quite bad." He makes it so ambiguous that people don't get whether he's criticizing or worrying. People have figured out by now and they're trying to stop his slyness but he doesn't listen. He's a growing concern because we don't know whether it'll become a controversy in the future or not.

3) A popular idol D is known for drinking. An insider says, "I saw him in real life and he drank to the point I got scared. Even when he was drunk, he kept wandering around for more drinks." Another insider says, "I also saw him playing around and it was no joke."

4) Non-idol musicians are sighing because their chance to be on the broadcast is getting smaller and smaller. Just years ago, idol groups would be on ranking music shows and non-idol musicians would usually be on music shows that air at night. However, with the increase in idols groups and growing competition to be on the broadcast, idols are also starting to take the night music shows. Idols are also musicians and artists but it's unfortunate how soloists and non-idol groups don't have much chance to be on the broadcast.


Instiz: Blind items that were just released

- I don't think D is wrong ㅋㅋ He just seems to like drinking a lot

- I don't know any answer ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- These blind items don't seem to be that critical to the celebrities

- I agree with the last one...

- I honestly understand the last one. These days, Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook is mostly idols

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