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Naeun's English

Pann: Naeun's English


1. [+104, -42] It's hard to speak that fluently as a native Korean
- [+10, -1] Korean kids do speak good English, especially those that live at a highly educated area. But the problem is that they can't converse well~ All they do is memorize and understand. So when they speak, they stutter.

2. [+98, -35] She could be their translator if they need one urgently ㅋㅋ

3. [+87, -26] Hul, I didn't know... I was surprised because she's better than expected

4. [+61, -25] She's pretty and she also speaks good English

5. [+54, -111] Just screw off from Pann. No matter how much you Pinkroaches media-play on Pann, other people are not even interested. I don't even find her pretty. She's just pig-faced who pretends to be pretty.

6. [+40, -2] She learned English only from elementary school to high school.

7. [+39, -5] Do you have something against Apink? What's with these hateful comments?

8. [+32, -4] Naeun is so pretty. Her voice is sweet and her English is good.

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