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Lee Guk Joo clarifies that her trainee boyfriend was not BTS Jin

On Radio Star, Lee Guk Joo clarified that Bangtan Boys Jin is not the trainee boyfriend she dated.

Also, she mentioned that Jin said his ideal type was a "chubby woman". She raged, "people call me fat but with this rumor, people call me chubby!!!"

Hong Suk Chun had seen the couple at his restaurant. He also clarified that it's not Bangtan Boys.


Pann: Lee Guk Joo's ex-boyfriend who's an idol

1. [+389, -4] People call her chubby for this rumor ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Far-fetch

2. [+382, -15] But if Jin really dated Lee Guk Joo, I'll like Jin even more... A guy who likes people without judging their looks is likable. Am I the only one?

3. [+349, -10] I like how Lee Guk Joo was Jin's best friend even before he debuted. Honestly, women want to have handsome guys as friends and men also want to have pretty girls as friends. But Jin liked Lee Guk Joo as a person despite her looks. He doesn't judge people by their looks. I like Lee Guk Joo and I hope the best for Jin~

4. [+91, -2] If an FNC trainee was her boyfriend, then it must be one of N.Flying members. 92 liners Lee Seung Hyup or Kwon Kwang Jin.

5. [+77, -1] It was already clarified that they didn't date ㅋㅋ Lee Guk Joo's ex-boyfriend was an FNC trainee.

6. [+56, -0] I always think Jin is handsome. He's warmly handsome and he looks like he'd feed street cats.

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