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IU, Hani & Suzy in a photo

Pann: Three shot of IU, Hani, and Suzy

1. [+122, -29] IU looks like a main character of a webtoon. She's so pretty.

2. [+90, -4] Cute unnie, fierce unnie, innocent unnie

3. [+77, -29] Suzy was chubbier back then ㅋㅋ She looks young and cute

4. [+42, -29] Woah, IU's so pretty... She's slaying Suzy and Hani

5. [+31, -9] Suzy was chubby but she still looks innocent and pretty

6. [+29, -6] Suzy's so pretty

7. [+28, -49] Shouldn't we reevaluate female idols' looks? IU looks prettier than Suzy and Hani. Am I the only one?

8. [+23, -11] IU looks so pretty in that picture. She looks the prettiest.

9. [+21, -0] IU's peak was when she was an Inkigayo MC. She's still pretty but she doesn't have the cuteness and freshness anymore ㅠㅠ Suzy also looks very pretty.

10. [+17, -1] Where's Hani??? It's a serious question ㅠㅠ

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