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Is SNSD the winner of girl group battle in this summer?

Pann: Final winner of girl group battle in this summer

1. [+443, -355] Their song is worse than Mamamoo's, what winner? It's because of the benefits of SM-roach fans.

2. [+216, -152] SNSD's new song is good!

3. [+183, -119] I watched the music video and I was surprised because Sooyoung looked so pretty

4. [+68, -39] It's a same summer concept but SNSD doesn't look cheap, they look classy. The music video is very pretty, it makes me keep watching it. Hwaiting!!

5. [+67, -19] Who can beat SM, though? Is this a winner of girl groups or a winner of companies? And it's obvious to be ranked higher if they comeback later. Shouldn't you judge by the final digital sales?

6. [+55, -17] I honestly liked Mamamoo's song the most. Why aren't they popular yet?

7. [+41, -16] To those that are talking about SM benefits, please explain why CSJH didn't get popular despite the media-play and the promotions SM did for them ㅋㅋ Company benefit is not always the answer.

8. [+37, -20] Honestly, SNSD's song is the best one.

9. [+35, -41] I've been a Sone for 5 years but the song was below my expectations. SNSD hasn't been my type since I Got a Boy. I don't go to their concerts anymore. I had high expectations when I saw the teasers and went crazy. But in the music video, they try to look cute and it comes off awkward and the song is so-so.

10. [+33, -15] The song is really good, though? It's so catchy. Taeyeon and Tiffany's voices are really good.

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