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'Twice' members were already decided?

Article picture of Sixteen before the show started airing

The colored members are confirmed members for Twice

Two middle columns + Jihyo


Pann: JYP's new girl group members were already decided

1. [+119, -45] Why is Dahyun included? She has star qualities and talent? Yeah, I can see her hitting on male idols after debuting. And her tears don't look sincere. Her face cries hard but there's no tear ㅋㅋ Somi is eliminated but she cried hard everytime someone got eliminated, she seemed to have good personalities. Also, Somi is the most talented member from the foreigners. Yet she got eliminated and Dahyun is chosen. Park Jin Young makes me speechless. I know that Momo is kind but it's unfair that she passed after getting eliminated. What about the other members' effort? Way to fool the viewers...

2. [+101, -3] I think it was just for promotion. They put all of the foreigners for international promotions.

3. [+89, -3] Why did they even do a survival show if they were gonna include an eliminated member, tsk tsk

4. [+37, -1] But the eliminated members don't seem to be a waste. Somi and Chaeryung are too good to be the maknae line. They should be the leaders of the next girl group ㅋㅋ Sixteen is not a good opportunity for them. They're honestly too young to debut now and even if they did, they wouldn't have been able to show their talent because the unnie line is too talented. I feel bad for Minyoung and Jiwon but they're not suited to be in a girl group anyways.

5. [+26, -0] Yes, the visual gap was too big. The ones that had good visuals are all confirmed.

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