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Girl's Day's dumpling incident brings massive criticisms

Choi: "Oh! We also have dumplings" (puts dumplings on the table)
Sojin: (puts dumplings back to the floor)
Choi: "Why are you putting them here when I put them up.."
Sojin: "My members don't eat dumplings"
Choi: "It's not like you're their mother" (puts dumplings back)
Sojin: (puts dumplings back to the floor)
Choi: "Why are you putting them back when I put them up?" (puts them back)
Sojin: "I said my members don't eat dumplings" (puts them back)
Choi: "They could" (puts them back)
Sojin: "My members don't like this kind of dumplings" (puts them back)
Choi: "I paid for this, you could just leave it..." (puts them back)
Sojin: "Ugh, it was free" (puts them back)
Choi: "Leave them here so I can eat them" (puts them back)


Pann: Dumpling incident of Girl's Day Sojin and Choi Goon

1. [+313, -17] Sojin really has no solutions ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're not playing around. If they're playing around, why is Sojin talking so rudely with rude expressions?

2. [+258, -20] Not just Sojin, they all have no solutions with trashy personalities. The video shows it. At least, Yura tried to work hard. I got really upset while watching this, fuck.

3. [+209, -14] Why are they doing this when they know the cameras are rolling?

4. [+106, -5] Do you want to go back to this

5. [+90, -3] We could laugh it off but the thing is that when Sojin gave dumplings to Choi, the chopsticks lightly touched Choi's lips. Sojin threw the chopsticks away and used a new pair. That's why she's annoying.

6. [+88, -4] I'm watching the full video and Hyeri shocks me the most. She's so rude to Yura and Yura is busy controlling her facial expression. On the chat, people spam "Choi Goon up" and Hyeri tells the viewers, "ah this is so boring~ you guys are more boring!!!"

7. [+61, -1] Yura is looking at the dumplings with interest. Sojin is said to be their mom but she doesn't even know that her member likes dumplings.

8. [+60, -1] After Sojin gave dumplings to Choi, she fussed about the chopsticks touching his lips and switched to new ones ㅋㅋ She feeds others with the chopsticks she used but she can't stand her chopsticks lightly touching others?


Pann: Girl's Day's dumpling incident and they treat Choi as a trash

1. [+1165, -16] They're seriously rude. Choi bought the foods with his own money for them but why are they ignoring his effort like that? Sojin thinks she's a top celebrity because people call her young-looking and pretty ㅋㅋ She should act like her age and control the dongsaengs. Just look at the oldest unnie, what would the dongsaengs learn from her?

2. [+1099, -44]

3. [+971, -18] Sojin: "My members don't eat dumplings"

4. [+351, -8] Ajumma, your genital exposure was too much. It's really embarrassing and shameful as a fellow woman. Why aren't you wearing safety shorts? Are you desperate to show your body? You should wear safety shorts if your clothes are revealing. You should take care of your own body.

5. [+324, -4] Does she think the chopsticks she uses are clean?

6. [+309, -1] What's more annoying is that she fed them with the chopsticks she used ㅋㅋ

7. [+291, -2] Look how they behave differently depending on the person

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