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B2ST is charting lower than expected?

Pann: What's with B2ST's digital ranking?

1. [+86, -44] They weren't really digital monsters in the first place. Only one of their songs was in annual top 30.

2. [+73, -36] It's very hard for boy groups to be charted high comparing to girl groups. And the wall of Infinity Challenge is too big. I think Bigbang and B2ST are the only boy groups in top 20. Most boy groups can't be in top 20 nowadays. B2ST still managed to get two of their songs in there... Isn't it good enough?

3. [+59, -28] It's because there are so many digital monsters out there. I think it's good enough.

4. [+43, -22] Their new song is honestly so-so. Don't attack because it's my personal opinion.

5. [+41, -2] Isn't Sistar too much? I know they're daughters of Melon but it's too much.

6. [+38, -48] The quality of Infinite and B2ST's music is going down with each album. B2ST's new song is not that good. They were really trusted with their music but 2PM, B2ST, Infinite, and other groups are disappointing more and more.

7. [+34, -7] Honestly, if a rookie group sang this, the song would've been out of top 50

8. [+28, -7] Is Heart Attack a good song? I don't understand. I thought it was the trashiest song AOA has ever released. It's interesting how they're lasting long.

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