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Apink's innocent concept & other girl groups

Pann: Other groups wear underwear for summer comebacks, this is why I like Apink

(Pann praises Apink for their innocent concept unlike other girl groups' sexy concept and bashes SNSD's teaser)

1. [+311, -50] A singer should try a variety of concepts. Apink fans seem to be very proud that Apink is only doing innocent concept. To say it backwards, Apink's image is limited because they have no other concept to do other than innocent.

2. [+277, -63] Apink can't do sexy concept because of their poor bodies except Hayoung and Naeun. Know the fact ㅋㅋ They honestly tested the water with Hush but switched back to innocent concept because it didn't work. Be thankful that your group has a good main vocalist. The rest of the members are average in terms of singing, dancing, and bodies. That's why they're doing the innocent concept to go safe. Isn't the leader half-50, though? They must be embarrassed ㅋㅋ

3. [+208, -29] But guys will still watch the girl groups in underwear while hanging their mouths open. Do you think they strip for no reason? They do because it's worth it. Are you a girl? Put your stupid pride away and pray that the song won't be made by plagiarism ㅋㅋ Apink has been singing old-styled 90's songs for 4 years because all they could do is innocent concept. They're finally trying a difference concept this time but it's already an extremely common concept that every girl group has done ㅋㅋ Even before the song is released, the fans are making their image worse.

4. [+72, -12] Then what's with Apink doing innocent concept every time? When I hear about girl group comebacks, I look forward to their concepts but I'm not even curious of Apink because they're gonna sing love songs while doing child dances.

5. [+62, -6] Innocent > sexy. Where is this pathetic logic from?

6. [+62, -8] What crap is this. Innocent concept every time. Is Apink gonna be doing the innocent concept until they retire? Do you think you have the right to bash SNSD? SNSD's sexy concept? SNSD always tries different concepts. They come freshly, they're at a different level from you.

7. [+48, -1] Their outfits aren't pretty, they look old-fashioned. Who's the stylist? Concept aside, change their clothes first. It's killing their faces.

8. [+45, -24] Why are these idiots always picking fights on other fandoms on Pann? Is your hobby bashing others? That's why all other fandoms are against your fandom.

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