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Amber's sister says Amber didn't unfollow Sulli

Amber's sister (Jackie Liu) said on Facebook that Amber didn't unfollow Sulli. The only possible way is that Sulli has blocked Amber's account.


Instiz: The truth of unfollow incident of Amber and Sulli

- Woah... I'm getting goosebumps. The more I read, the more I dislike her

- What was she thinking?

- Haha... Did she hate f(x) that much?

- If it's true, I hope she gets what she deserves. The other members suffered hard over her selfishness

- Huh? But there are still two possibilities, let's not jump onto the conclusion

- Is she blocking Amber and other people to leave SM after her contract expires?

- Either way, it's true that Sulli and Amber are not on good terms anymore

- Let her do it, she's gonna leave the group anyways

- She's still following IU but Gong Seung Yeon also disappeared from her following list

- She's screwing up her own life. Bye Sulli

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