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Amber and Heechul unfollow Sulli's Instagram

Instiz: "Is this really the end?"... Amber and Heechul unfollow Sulli on SNS

Amber was the only f(x) member that followed Sulli and Heechul was well-known to be very close to Sulli

- There must be a reason why Heechul did this

- Heechul took care of Sulli like his dongsaeng... and even he unfollowed her...

- Heechul unfollowing her, enough said

- Weren't Heechul and Sulli like siblings?

- It seems like it's the end like the article title....

- Hul, isn't Sulli still under SM, though?

- I usually never care about small things like this but not this time...

- If the unfollow really means something, you're losing out a lot of good people, Jinri

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