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There are two transgender people in girl groups?

"Currently, there are more than 200 girl groups registered. The total number of the girl group members are almost 1000. Two people out of the 1000 have social security numbers that start with 1" (1 is for men and 2 is for women)


Instiz: It'll be a huge issue to the Korean music industry if this is true

- Ah it must be a transsexual group....
-- No, if they get a transsexual surgery, their social security numbers also change. If their numbers start with 1, it means that they're men by law!

- So a man is cross-dressing as a woman?

- Hul, a cross-dressing guy? He must be very pretty to be in a girl group!

- It must be a nugu group. If it's a popular group, people would've figured out already

- Wow, 200 groups... Only like 20 groups are known, right?

- Is this a real life version of You're Beautiful?

- I heard that a transsexual doesn't have to change their social security number. Maybe they didn't bother to change theirs.

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