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Yoona's blonde looks at the airport

Pann: Pictures of Yoona's blonde hair

1. [+57, -17] I honestly thought Yoona wouldn't suit blonde because she always had dark hair but I was so surprised with the airport pictures... She's so pretty. She got bangs and now even blonde ㅠㅠ Heart attack

2. [+54, -59] She's too skinny... Honestly, she doesn't suit the hair color. Only SNSD fans will find it pretty

3. [+41, -12] ㅠㅠ <3

4. [+34, -5] I came here expecting that she wouldn't suit the hair color but she's so pretty

5. [+28, -20] She's so pretty. She looks like a fairy because she's also pale... Yoona is pretty as always!

6. [+24, -15] The hair color is not bad but it doesn't suit her. She looks much better with brown hair

7. [+22, -14] It doesn't suit her at all

8. [+18, -4] So pretty... Can you haters please show your faces before hating her?

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