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Importance of women's lip color

Pann: Importance of women's lip color

1. [+51, -1] The right picture looks like a face you'd see in a Japanese magazine

2. [+31, -5] She looks much prettier with red lips

3. [+12, -0] Agreed... I honestly don't look too different without eyeliner and eye shadow, but eyebrows and lip color change my face the most. If I don't wear lipstick, I look sick because of BB cream... For the lip color, my overall face changes depending on what color I put

4. [+7, -2] The importance of makeup

5. [+7, -1] Why do I find the right picture much sexier?

6. [+7, -7] Hani will look pretty even if she puts shit on her face

7. [+6, -0] I really agree. Even if I wear full makeup, I look like a stupid idiot if I don't wear lip tint

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