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[Brave Journalists] Actress A and her grandpa sponsor

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Actress A was issued since her debut because of her pretty face. Her only goal of life was to earn money. A chaebol offered to be her sponsor after watching her work. However, the chaebol sponsor was in his late 70's. A was in her 20's, the sponsor was basically a grandpa.

A still decided to date him because money was more important than age for her. A was confident because she knew how to be charming to every man. When their first meeting was held, she considered a grandpa's type and dressed in a white dress and loafers to look feminine.

A successfully signed a contract of sponsor deal. The sponsor endlessly supported her with a luxury condo with glass walls, brand foreign car, spa passes, and etc.

After a while, A started to want to have fun with young men. She was able to secretly enjoy night parties with young men because the sponsor needed a lot of sleep due to his old age.

One day, A found her ideal type who was a popular sports star B. A even thought of marrying B and started to feel uncomfortable with her grandpa sponsor.

She wasn't able to date or marry anyone due to her sponsor contract. However, soon after, A and B announced their marriage. This is the reason:

To break up with grandpa, A tried to get dumped by showing up without washing her face and hair and she didn't wear any makeup. But grandpa loved her even more because she was the first celebrity to be natural in front of him, and he took it coolly. A had to think of other way, and then...

The grandpa passed away. A's contract automatically expired. She married the sports star B and is supporting B as a good wife.

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