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Bigbang and VIP's excessive pride?

Pann: Bigbang fans' scary stereotype and hypocrisy

(Pann mentions GD's statement on SHINee on News Room and Bigbang fans' excessive pride for 'artist' title)

1. [+288, -152] Non-fans criticize Bigbang fans' pride of 'artist' title and put them down but what they're wrong is that they think Bigbang doesn't consider other idols as artists. Bigbang calls themselves artists but they also call themselves as idols and don't differentiate both titles. They confidentially said they're idols at a concert. When they say award speeches, they mention every singer including hoobaes as artists. They call everyone artists even the staff, as long as they work in the entertainment industry. Bigbang never put anyone down and they're modest. SHINee fans should know that SHINee and Bigbang greet each other when they run into each other. GD even praised SHINee. Yet you have to write this post and throw hate. What's with your complex?

2. [+279, -216] When did Bigbang say all those stuff though? You're the only one who thinks this.

3. [+257, -157] GD never put down other singers, you're overreacting. Like you said, GD is the idol who plays on the stage the most and he always shows the best of him. And I don't agree that self-composing idols don't need to be valued high. It's a fact that people value singer-song-writers higher than just singers.

4. [+118, -197] Don't delete this post, you said exactly what I wanted to say ㅠㅠ Bigbang fans live in their delusion... They got popular at once because of their playful music. They didn't get popular for something amazing.

5. [+91, -34] Since when did Bigbang fans get defensive over being called idols? Bigbang calls themselves idols. You're generalizing too much.

6. [+86, -23] Did Bigbang say it or what? Yoo Hee Yeol introduced Bigbang as 'artists that exceeded idols' on Sketchbook. People around them treat Bigbang like that, Bigbang and their fans never called themselves artists first.

7. [+82, -101] The OP is honestly completely right. I can see fans going butthurt.

8. [+78, -30] This is nonsense. Since when did Bigbang fays say, "your bias is an idol and my bias is an artist" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Other people said this. You really wanted to hate them, how sad.

9. [+73, -60] Aigo look at your propaganda ㅋㅋ Yeah SHINee can have it all~ How can low Bigbang beat self-composing SHINee. Aigo we're at fault ㅠㅠ Are you happy now?

10. [+62, -8] Bigbang can't dance? What kind of a logic is that? Do you need to have synchronized choreography to be considered good dancers? Do you need to sing high notes to be a good singer? Shawols have their prides, too. Quality albums, synchronized choreography, live singing, etc. You also have all those prides. But your pride is acceptable whereas our pride is annoying? I'm not generalizing all Shawols, though.

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