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Yeri and Junghwa's lack of talent?

Red Velvet Yeri

EXID Junghwa


Pann: Two untalented female idols that are not mentioned

1. [+160, -16] Junghwa was the center before Hani got popular

2. [+122, -39] So do you want us to bash them? I'll do it if you work harder than them

3. [+103, -15] I personally find Junghwa prettier than Hani in EXID

4. [+68, -41] I love you pretty Yeri


5. [+59, -8] I don't really know about them both but why should we judge them when they debuted not too long ago? I don't understand

6. [+58, -3] Junghwa was the most popular member before EXID got popular

7. [+56, -12] Yeri just debuted. I bet my life that she'll improve

8. [+48, -11] SM trains their artists after they debut

9. [+46, -7] Junghwa's pretty though

10. [+43, -2] Junghwa is in charge of dancing. If you watch EXID's performances, Junghwa stands out

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