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Sungjae's acting vs DO's acting

Pann: BTOB Sungjae vs EXO DO

1. [+289, -201] Experts chose Do Kyungsoo as #1


2. [+261, -106] I thought DO-ssi was an actor when I saw him on It's OK It's Love. They're both good

3. [+233, -81]


4. [+113, -109] Of course it's Sungjae ㅠㅠ


5. [+88, -16] Why did you put such an ugly picture? Wanna get hit?


6. [+82, -103] Honestly, Sungjae has a better visual ㅠㅠ I don't know about their acting but definitely Sungjae

7. [+74, -49] Sungjae

8. [+72, -30] Kyungsoo's acting on Cart and It's OK It's Love got praised by experts

9. [+70, -57] Sungjae is not even at the level of DO. I saw both acting and DO wins for sure

10. [+62, -88] Definitely Sungjae... Their levels are different. I'm not saying that DO is ugly ㅋㅋ

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