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EXO 12 → 10 → 9

EXO 12

EXO 10 (- Kris, Luhan)

EXO 9 (- Kris, Luhan, Tao)


Instiz: 12 → 10 → 9, EXO members are decreasing with each album, the fans are scared with a new album?

- They lost a lot of members...

- I hope only good things would happen to them from now!

- I already gave up long time ago. Articles like this is the problem

- I'm not scared. My bias is having a comeback, why should I be

- The only thing that scares stans is Nature Republic

- I'm only scared that my bank account is gonna be dried up

- I liked 12, I believed 11, and I tried protecting 10...

- ... And yet they emphasized OT10 so much

- If you're gonna leave, do it now... Don't take such time to do this

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