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Sulli and Jiyeon's lost potentials

Pann: Two female idols who would've been at Suzy's level if they had good mentality

1. [+281, -23] Very true... Sulli didn't even need to fix her personalities. She would've been loved by the public if she worked hard. She still seems immature, it's unfortunate. Jiyeon was so popular a few years ago. She can act and sing. She's multi-talented but her strip cam and bullying controversy... How unfortunate

2. [+184, -90] Jiyeon was multi-talented including singing, dancing, looks, acting and popularity. She sank after bullying controversy. But she's still the most popular member in her group. Her Chinese fansite has 600k members

3. [+148, -205] I expected Jiyeon and Sulli. But I don't think Sulli's level is that high. For Jiyeon, T-ara was very popular before their controversy. But Sulli... no

4. [+81, -15] Sulli's looks are legendary. She's still pretty when she's chubby and she can pull off any hairstyle

5. [+79, -85] You just can't hate Sulli, she's so lovely. I hope she promotes in f(x)

6. [+67, -9] Jiyeon ㅋㅋ She was in top 3 with Suzy and IU... But she still has a lot of individual fans

7. [+54, -29] Sulli wasn't at Suzy's level even when she had a good image. Know the fact

8. [+47, -3] There are so many Sulli fans on Pann ㅋㅋ Why do you think she would've been at Suzy's level if she had a good image? Even before she ruined her image, she never hit her peak. She was never popular by men, either. I honestly don't like Jiyeon and IU but they were top 2 and Suzy was after them. Nothing's gonna change if you lie on Pann ㅋㅋ

9. [+46, -28] I can understand Jiyeon but not Sulli. Before Choiza, she was still unpopular on male-dominated sites. Her dramas and movies all flopped and she didn't have something that could bring massive popularity. She was popular by women only, which was the reason why she could never get a nation's title. If you want to be at Suzy's level, you have to be more popular by men, not women. Jiyeon was very popular by men. She ruined herself anyways

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