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Music content these days

Male: "I'm fucking fierce, I'm fucking good at fighting"

Female: "I'm fucking sexy, I'm fucking easy"

Male: "I'm fierce, I'm jjang, I'm a monster, I'm a gentleman. Have sex with me."

Female: "Fuck me, I want you. Come on, coward. If you don't, I'll fuck you instead because I'm jjang"

Male: "I'm fierce! I'm fierce!"
Female: "I'm sexy! I'm sexy!"

*watches music shows

"Oh my god..."


Pann: Music content these days

1. [+150, -18] I really miss DB5K, Bigbang, Soshi, and Wonder Girls... These days, most songs are the same, especially rookie groups ㅋㅋ

2. [+118, -6] Read the lyrics of Dal Shabet's Be Ambitious. This is too much... Their parents will faint if they hear this

3. [+97, -1] I hate how they try to look fierce

4. [+80, -10] Infinite and SHINee are amazing...

5. [+78, -12] Infinite and SHINee are great when it comes to this...

6. [+72, -73] This is why I hate Bigbang's Bae Bae. They're portraying sex obviously in the song

7. [+68, -100] This is EXO. Here comes the downvotes

8. [+55, -0] I like SHINee and Infinite because of this

9. [+55, -8] Infinite's songs are good. I also like the lyrics

10. [+55, -3] True... I watched a music show in a while because SHINee had a comeback. Rookie groups all dressed in black and showed off to look fierce. They all looked the same. SHINee, who's been there for 8 years, looked like the only rookie group instead. It's unfortunate because they're giving up the young concept that rookie groups can do

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