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Questionable acting careers of IU, Hyeri, and Yoona

Looks are not suited for acting
Bad talking tone
Fans also don't want her to act

Looks are not suited for acting
Bad pronunciation
Terrible acting
At least better because it's a supporting role

Suited looks but mediocre acting
Lack of star factors
Got a lead role through company benefits
All of her dramas are flopped, hard to succeed in Korea


Pann: Worst three female idols who should stop acting

1. [+190, -62] Hyeri's acting is just terrible. IU and Yoona's acting is decent but they're choosing bad dramas. Yoona has company benefits. No matter how bad your acting is, people are still going to watch it if it's a good romance comedy. But Yoona and IU's works like Cinderella's Sister, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, Pretty Man, and Lee Soon Shin are all flops. I heard that Prime Minister and I was a hit in China and Thailand but it's a flop in Korea. They're both unfortunate. IU's acting was okay on Lee Soon Shin and Yoona did well on Innisfree. A flopped drama is not only about the actor's bad acting

2. [+182, -106] I think IU and Yoona are decent

3. [+150, -77] Dream High and Producers are funny. Love Rain was also my type

4. [+93, -61] IU honestly doesn't suit acting

5. [+68, -2] Let's be fucking honest. IU, Hyeri and Yoona? Do you want me to pick the worst female idols? It's Goo Hara, Seungyeon, and Dasom/Bora. I haven't seen Hyeri's acting but she should give up if she's worse than them. These three are the worst ones

6. [+66, -1] Seungyeon is the fucking worst one. I stopped watching Jang Ok Jung because of her

7. [+64, -49] Yoona's acting talent aside, she's not the material for a main role and she doesn't have any charms. IU's looks are not suited for acting. Hyeri's acting is terrible

8. [+54, -119] Suzy is the only idol who succeeded in acting

9. [+52, -32] I'm a fan of IU but she can't act. The reason why she looked decent on Lee Soon Shin is because the character was similar to IU. Her acting was honestly bad ㅋㅋ On Lee Soon Shin, she was like shouting, "I'm acting right now!" Her recent drama is worse, I can't stand it

10. [+49, -29] Agree about IU ㅋㅋ

11. [+46, -26] IU gets 3% rating, Yoona gets 3% and 5%. Hyeri just doesn't have a solution

12. [+45, -23] Yoona could never get a lead role if she didn't have company benefits. IU should only sing. No solution for Hyeri

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