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Son Ye Jin comes out?

Instiz: Son Ye Jin comes out naturally

Son Ye Jin was asked why she had no dating rumors

"Well, I think it's because I'm not popular. (laugh) I see a lot of handsome actors as I act, but I can't do two things at the same time. I focus on acting. Even if I do a character who falls in love, I only play the character, I don't actually love the actor. The case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Well... I don't think I'm the type."

She was asked what kind of a character she wanted to do

"Up until now, my roles were mostly man & woman falling in love. But if I have a chance, I want to do a role of love between women. For example, like Monster and Thelma & Louise. Do I have [homosexual] disposition? Yes, I think I do. I'll get in trouble for saying this. (laugh)"


- Omo

- I'll watch if right away if Son Ye Jin films that kind of a movie

- I love you unnie!!!!

- Unnie.... unnie.... ahhh.... unnn...nniiee.... <3

- She and Yuri before...

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