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Hani before & after makeup

Pann: Hani before & after makeup is amazing

1. [+125, -21] She looks different but what's certain is that she's prettier than me

2. [+120, -39] Everybody knows that Hani didn't get plastic surgery. Why are people saying that she got work done ㅋㅋ I'm also a girl but stop being jealous


3. [+107, -140] I don't think it's before & after makeup. I think it's stage makeup and normal makeup. The makeup on the right is still thicker than general makeup. She's wearing everything

4. [+77, -155] No plastic surgery, my ass


5. [+73, -12] She's pretty, stop being butthurt


6. [+58, -9] Hani is getting hate on Pann, she's getting popular <3

7. [+57, -43] She's pretty only with stage makeup and lighting. On dramas, she'll only look like an extra. Her makeup plays a big role and the hairstyle she can pull of is limited


8. [+57, -11] I envy Hani's face shape

9. [+57, -2] She looks more innocent and prettier with no makeup

10. [+55, -5] When Hani was young


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