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Taengkoong couple on Melon profiles

Pann: Even Melon approves Taengkoong couple ㅋㅋㅋ

Baekhyun's profile on Melon

- Taeyeon is listed on 'Related Artists' as "lover"

Taeyeon's profile on Melon

- Baekhyun is listed on 'Related Artists' as "lover"


1. [+87, -15] Should I get rid of my monthly pass....


2. [+70, -27] They're indeed a couple, what's wrong with that?

3. [+70, -3] This, too... They update all lovers


(Nichkhun listed as Tiffany's lover)

4. [+55, -39] Whenever I see this couple, all I think is gyahing and open car ㅋㅋ And the fans are now stanning him again, how two-faced of you

5. [+40, -6] Honestly, Melon is shitting at them ㅋㅋ They don't need to put lovers on the profiles. Besides, Taengkoong is not really congratulated because of what they had done and it's a sensitive topic among fans. Why do they need to do that ㅋㅋ Openly dating, my ass. They were forced to publicized because they were caught

6. [+39, -1] Is it gonna say "ex-lover" if they break up?

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