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Suzy is an outcast in Miss A?

Pann: About Suzy being an outcast

Suzy wasn't invited to Zia's birthday party

They took many selcas together during debut days but there's none recently

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1. [+165, -48] Honestly, we would be happy if the members all get along but it was bound to happen. Suzy's schedule is always packed with dramas, CFs, movies, and etc. The rest of the members can't help but get even closer to each other. They'd naturally get more awkward with Suzy... I don't think they're outcasting her on purpose, I think they naturally got awkward. It's like a friend you haven't seen in a while coming back and you guys are not the same as before. I don't think they're outcasting her. Even if Suzy is really being left out, she's still winning them ㅋㅋ

2. [+132, -38] Min makes it more obvious. She's not following Suzy on SNS

3. [+114, -5] I think most people have noticed it by now. On Star Cast, the comments were also saying that Suzy looks like an outcast


(Comments on Naver's Star Cast (which always gets positive comments) saying how Suzy looks left out)

4. [+65, -9] Instead of outcasting her, they might not be close. It's true that Suzy couldn't spend much time with the three members. But if they decided to take care of Suzy, they wouldn't be like that. Suzy earns all the money, they shouldn't act this way. And some people question Suzy's fault but Suzy is getting good accounts. She recently joined Charity Society

5. [+60, -117] I don't hate Suzy but doesn't it show that Suzy also doesn't have good personalities? Rumors say that the members are jealous and Suzy is also unpleasant

6. [+48, -4] On Healing Camp, Suzy said that since debut, there was never a day with no schedule. The members had plenty of time so they got closer and Suzy drifted away from them... I don't think the members did something but they look awkward... Honestly, it's more familiar for me to see Suzy alone

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