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Sandara's young looks and Naeun & Bomi

Pann: Sandara slaying Naeun and Bomi that are 10 years younger than her


1. [+178, -19] Looks so young... This post is only talking about her young looks. Why are you guys comparing their looks?

2. [+171, -14] They're all pretty but would those two be able to look that young when they hit 30? Sandara looks so young

3. [+166, -29] We have to admit it. Her face shape slays them enough

4. [+47, -7] Sandara is natural and Bomi and Naeun got some work done. If we consider their ages, Sandara is a better beauty, although Bomi and Naeun are also pretty

5. [+45, -4] Article picture


6. [+39, -0] Sandara is a natural beauty. Game over


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